Our Commitments

At Dona Plant Base we believe in production of slow fashion and produce authentic limited pieces ensuring we add to our values on our conscious journey. We are working towards a greener 2019, focusing on becoming a more sustainable label, with natural plant base dyes, biodegradable materials and reusing beautiful well preserved old textiles.  

" We must act together to make meaningful changes and minimize our negative impact on the planet. ''

Our Matahari Denim collection is made out of upcycled cotton denim. 

Recycled cotton

denim fiber 

We also uses recycled cotton textile for our complimentary gift bag on every purchase that you have made! The lining for our Dona Rice Bags are also made out this recycle textile! 

Recycled cotton fiber 

Up Cycling 


An incredible wonder fiber which is naturally strong, durable and resistant UV lights! This plant itself is highly resilient, requiring to little to no pestiside or herbicide to grow. As it grows, it improves soil health. 


It is natural, gives you comfort and it is also a natural biodegradable material. 


Linen is a gift that keeps on giving, being a long lasting and beautiful textile that is also incredibly kind on the environment. Linen is produced from the fibers of the flex plants which grows on marginal land unsuitable for food crops, uses less water and is naturally toxin free and require little to no fertilizer. 


We try to minimize the usage of plastic ornament in our design, instead of using plastic button or beads, we used wooden crafted buttons and beads instead. 

Natural Raw Material 

Planet x Culture 

As a South East Asian born lifestyle clothing label, we are inspired by the local culture, people and natural resources. We are highly inspired by the simplicity of the origin lifestyle and the rich textile craftsmanship. 

Rich Batik History & Culture 

Tropical climate and lifestyle 

We design our garment's silhouette to suit the tropical climate and the lifestyle.

'' We will feature and share more about this topic on our lifestyle gallery page! ''

"As a people and places focused business, we know persuing to flow impact fashion is only possible with the support  of a bunch of people. We also know that creating change takes motivation, inspiration and hard work. "


We choose to work towards sustainability now and into the future. We are committed to an innovative approach to sustainability, knowing that the demands of the industry will evolve and as such, we must adapt to ensure we preserve impact in this space. We also make sure that our supplier for our textiles and materials that we use for our garments are ethically audited .


In Dona Plant Base, people are treated with respect and dignity at all time, working in a safe and healthy work space, everyone that works in this company belongs to the family and we ensure that everyone works happily here. So far Dona Plant Base has two employees that works on the sewing and the founder herself does all the social media work, designing and customer service. 

Work hour is in place to ensure work life balance to ensure humane and productive working conditions. We recognized that our workers are free to join trade unions of their own choosing, including the wrights to collective bargaining, free from any interference or restriction. 

People " How It Was Made"