As a Fashion label, we strongly believe in ethical and giving back procedures. We support local artisans in Bali. We empower the locals by working exclusively within Bali. At Dona Plant Base we believe in the production of slow fashion and produce authentic limited pieces ensuring we add to our values on our conscious journey and for quality of each piece. Our pieces are all limited editions. Each piece is like a piece of art can take up to more than usual time to complete. We are now working towards a greener 2019, and focusing on becoming a sustainable label. With eco - plastic free packaging, natural dyes,upcycling textiles and organic sustainable materials.
It has been a lot of effort in regards to being as sustainable and contribute to a zero waste program as much as possible. But it is worth the time and money, to make sure we are working towards giving back to earth. Our time is still not done, and we are constantly working on more ways for making Dona Plant Base 100% sustainable. This has been our dream for a while, and we really hope to be making a difference and to encourage and support the movement of being a conscious consumer and sustainability. 
100% organic sustainable cotton materials
Natural Dyes from Local grown Plants.
Our tags made from recycled paper & natural strings from earth.

No plastic stickers

We try to make as little waste as possible, with any left over cotton we up-cycle. 

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