Monrou Top

Another classic top that is named and inspired after an ageless icon Miss Marilyn Monrou. This top resemblent the silhouette of the iconic white dress made famous from the 1955 film The Seven Year Icth by lady herself without the bottom skirt. This highly feminine silhouette don't just perfectly showcase Dona's choice of batik, the Batik Parang aka Batik Lereng from Java, Indonesia, it also assensuate the feminien beauty of the female form. Last but not lease, the signature Dona's "ikat" feature direct translate to the word "tie" from Bahasa into this garment with the minimal use of hardware and maximum flexibility of the tie knot design that allows this garment to fasten acoording to each body. 

Monrou Top

    • 100% high vintage quality cotton.
    • Passionly curated Indonesian Pekalongan Batik.
    • 100% upcycle.
    • Made ethically in Bali.
    • Designed in Malaysia. 

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