Choker Top ( Extra Small )

This Choker Top is Dona's very first design. The cut and panelling of the garment beautifully showcase the motifs of the classic bouquet style Pekalongan Batik from Pekalongan Indonesia with the precise motif placement that takes alot of skills and effort to achieve. It's silhouette highlights the beautiful shoulders of a female and the open back feature allows your skin to breath. To preserve the classic south east asian tropical garment aesthitic, Dona has kept the "Ikat" design into thoughts of designing his garment with the minimizing use of hardware and maximizing the flaxibility of the tie knot feature for a a fasten fit according to each liking. 

Choker Top ( Extra Small )

    • 100% high vintage quality cotton.
    • Passionly curated Indonesian Pekalongan Batik.
    • 100% upcycle.
    • Made ethically in Bali.
    • Designed in Malaysia. 

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