Hidden Gem Of Seberang Takir 

Batik has been a part of Indonesian and Malaysian culture for a long time. The appreciation of this form of valueable art lies in its nature of human touch and originality. This timeless sense of fashion is more than simply a piece of fabric. It is a representation of an identity that can never be replicated. And here we go in search of the little hidden gem of Seberang Takir - Encik Rashid's Batik House...


   As the sun beat down into midday, we took a motor-penambang from the city side. The engine chugged lazily in a rhythmic, hypnotic tempo. I went discreetly bobbing up and down across the river Terengganu, leaving V-shaped ripples stretching behind.

Fishing boats painted in cheerful

colours lined up along Seberang

Takir river bank, they made for a

welcoming sight for visitors.

Sparse coconut palms were like

thin legs dancing in the wind,

inviting. Surrounding trees joined

in, swaying to the rhythm.

My excitement heightened as the

penambang inched closer to

dock. Were first greeted by a keropok lekor kitchen, I dare say one of the few makers still offering a generous portion of fish paste in their fish sausage mix. As we walked further down Hujung Tanjung, Seberang Takir, then we finally saw an ordinary wooden terengganu house that i coudldn't even tell is a batik workshop from the front, until we walked in while Encik Rashid himself reveal his batik making work space at the back of the wooden house.