Welcome to the exhilarating world of Dona Plant Base. I'm Vanessa Toolseram, owner and creator. Since i was a kid i've been very crafty and always have the love for arts and culture. During college time, i've picked up professional sewing skills, and start making my own clothing as i love expressing myself from what i wear. 

Based on the southern most city in Peninsular Malaysia, my clothing label began in 2016 as a labour of love~ as an avenue to share my own handmade batik pieces that i design. Starting off peddling my wares at both Singapore handcraft art markets and Instagram, it wasn't long before i caught the creative bug and wanted to create my very own Batik base lifestyle clothing label. I am so mesmerised with the simplicity of the lifestyle and culture back then during the1970's and the beautiful and rich SEA Batik textile that i wanted to bring back, namely in the form of freedom, expression, good times and bold clothes. I look to the past to re-create my favourite old-school styles, i also make sure that this time around they fit a little better, feel a little softer and has less damage to mother earth with using more natural biodegradable materials.

I'm an old soul and yet at the same time full of curiosity that loves find inspiration all around us. I wear clothes that suit myself to the core and believe that everyone should have fun with the way they dress. Style should be a reflection of your personality. Life is far too short to wear boring mediocre clothes! To play a part on saving mother earth, i also strongly believe that we shout be conscious on what we are wearing and purchasing as nowadays fast fashion is one of the deadliest threats to our planet.

As for where I got the name Dona Plant Base, "Dona"in Portuguese language means Lady and then the "Peranakan" a subculture culture in both Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia took the word and twitch the word "dona"into their own version of lady "nyonya", i got the inspiration from my heritage as my grandma she's a nyonya herself and batik is one of the biggest trades in the Peranakan culture. As i'm starting a lady clothing line, therefore i picked up the name "Dona", as it is easy to pronounce and simply means lady! As "Plant Base"is that i thrive to only stick with 

plant base material as they are normally less harmful to earth if we treat it the right way and it's mostly biodegradable, plus in SEA there's a lot of natural resources that we can use to produce beautiful garments and trinkets to support the local economy and tradition. Dona Plant Base pieces are the kind that will outlive our generation and be adored by your grandchildren with the rich textile history that i choose to use to make my garment. The kind of timeless items that will outlast through generations. 

Dona Plant Base truly speaks from it's heart. Is a clothing line that puts our effort and soul into everything we do to put a smile on everyone's face. We believe life should be fun, colourful, and expressive, also keep reminding people to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Don't forget to follow your heart, universe will always got your back!

Love always,

Nessa X 

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